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I am working on making a  film in a group of four. I am the editor. There is a writer, sound designer and a cinematography that is also the director. The film will be produced in six weeks. We are planning on making a spy film and a race against time. There are three production stages, pre-production, production and post-production. Each stage is two weeks long. As editor, most of my work will be post-production. During pre-production and production I will be preparing for post-production and doing whatever I can to help my group.

Film Element 21: Intercutting – I will use intercutting during a conversation over the phone to give the impression that two characters are talking to each other at the same time.

Film element 23: Dissolve – I will use dissolves to soften cuts and connect different scenes to each other.

Film Element 25: Smash Cut – I will use a smash cut to jar the audience and suprise them after a boring part of our film. I will use a smash cut in our film after a long section of our characters working on computers and cut to a sudden fight or surprise scene.

Film Element 20: Mise-en-Scéne – We will use a longer take without cutting near the end of the film to give the impression that everything is calming down and our film is near the end. During the climax of the film we will cut more often and have shorter scenes.

Test Shots

Testing different focal lengths:


Testing shots from different angles:

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 9.01.13 AMScreen Shot 2016-03-04 at 9.01.52 AM

Panning with Cinematographer

The cinematographer and I planned to have certain transitions at different times in out film. This planning can be seen on out storyboard. We disused how these transitions will impact our audience and influence our film.

Influence from Films

I am influenced by Christopher Rouse. He edited the film, The Bourne Identity. I enjoy the use of his jump cut during fight scenes to give the feeling of being disorientated. Also, for most of his jump cuts, the thing/person he want the audience to immediately focus on is in the center of the next shot. I also enjoy how he cut to what he wants the audience to see a half to quarter second before it happens. (ex. cuts to a leg, half second later that leg is kicked)

I am also influenced by Elisabet Ronalds. She was the editor for the film John Wick. I enjoy the longer scene and only cutting to a different camera angles.

Storyboard Notation

I collaborated with the cinematographer/director and the screenwriter to make this storyboard. I added a couple transitions I want to use.


Editing Program

For this project I will be using iMovie to edit. I watched this guide by Michael Francis to understand the basics of iMovie.

What I Learned and Problems I Solved

Initially, I thought that an editor did not do anything until the end when he produced the final product. I learned that there is planning that goes into editing such as deciding what transitions to use and where to use them. Also, I learned that editing programs are harder to use than I initially thought and it takes practice to become a good editor.


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